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Terms of use

Last update: July 23th 2013

You automatically agree upon our terms of use, so make sure you read them before entering.

- The user declares to be the owner, and to have the full rights of the photos he/she uploads. The user in question is 100% accountable for any claims due to copright infringement.
- Photos remain the users property, but by uploading a photo the user gives us permission to use the photo in any way, shape or form on the creative sprint website and to promote the creative sprint project. Not to make money.
- Users may not sign up for more than 1 account. By regeristing a new account your old account will be deleted.
- It's not allowed to use any type of watermark, logo or copyright notice in your image. We want to keep images and the website clean. We take care of putting your copyright info along with the image. (In the bar on the right side).
- Creative sprint may always delete photos and block users without giving the user any notice.
- Creative sprint has the right to change the terms of use on all times.

Lastly, we are photographers too, we make sure your rights are respected as we would respect our own rights.

If you have any questions regarding the terms of use, just shoot us an e-mail.