Stretch your creativity

Creative sprint is a monthly 48 hour online photo contest. Every sprint consists of only 1 word. Are you in? Sign up here or sign in.

How to play

The sprint

The rules of the game are fairly easy. Every month you will be provided with a new challenge in the form of a theme. Every sprinter must implement that theme in some shape or form in his/her photo.

Once the theme of the sprint is revealed the timer starts ticking. From that point you have exactly 48 hours to make your photo for the sprint. In the upper left corner of the screen you can see how much time you have left to upload your entry.

You have 48 hours to…
- Make a concept
- Get the props, equipment and location in place for you shoot
- Arrange models, assistants and make-up artists if needed
- Shoot the photo
- Do your postproduction magic if needed
- Upload your photo to the website

*Make sure you’re on time! After 48 hours the upload page disappears and you won’t be able to upload your photo anymore.

Casting your votes

Keep in mind: You can only vote if you participated in the sprint OR have participated at least once in the past.

After the sprint has ended you have 3 days to vote for “high-five” the five photos you think are the best. Of course you can’t high-five your own photo. You have only 5 high-fives to give away so use them wisely. You can retract your votes on your profile page if you come across a better photo.

Consider before giving a photo one of your votes:

- Originality
- Creativity
- Effectiveness
- Photo quality

The results

3 days after the sprint has ended the best 3 photos (photos with the highest amount of votes) will be featured on the history page. When clicking on “view all images” you can view all the entries for that sprint in order from most votes (number 1) to the photo with the least amount of votes.


You can earn points with every sprint you participate. The more high-fives your photo gets, the more points you receive, the higher your ranking. If two users end up with the same amount of highfives, the user who uploaded his/her photo first wins.


All sprints will take place in the weekends. This way we hope that the majority of you can participate. However if you for some reason can’t join in on a sprint there is always a next month. But keep in mind that the more sprints you skip in a row the more your score will be reduced. This to keep to pal ground fair for even the new guys.

The rules

- only 1 photo per sprint per user
- upload only photos you created
- no extreme retouching, it should remain visible that the core of the image is a photo
- it’s o.k. to shock people with your photo, but keep it within reasonable boundaries

Terms of use

We're photographers too, so you don't have to worry to much about your photo rights. We have to have some terms of use because of legal issues. Read them here if you doubt us.