Stretch your creativity

Creative sprint is a monthly 48 hour online photo contest. Every sprint consists of only 1 word. Are you in? Sign up here or sign in.


Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password, what now?
Don't panic, you can always reset your password.

How can I upload a photo?
You can only upload a photo during a sprint. The big black upload button will appear beneath the countdown in the upper left corner of the website. Please take a look at the calendar for upcoming sprint dates.

Technical image requirements?
We advice an image size of 1200 pixels on the longest side. And a file size of no more than 2MB. Our server will handle any resizing for best performence and quality. Please read the terms of use for any other restrictions like watermarks.

Why can't I vote?
1. You can only vote if you participated in this sprint or at least one sprint in the past.
2. You can't vote on your own photo. But don't worry, there usually are plenty of great photos taken by the other sprinters.

Your question unanswered?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.