48 hour photo contests

Creative sprint is a monthly 48 hour online photo contest. Every sprint consists of only 1 word. Are you in? Sign up here or sign in.


What is creative sprint?

A online world wide photo contest. Every contest is called a sprint and lasts only 48 hours. Every sprint has a theme, usually just 1 word. Photographers have 48 hours to make the most creative, beautiful and or technical best photo! The winner is picked by the photographers who also participated in the sprint.

Why should I join?

We have no prices for the best entries at this moment. Our goal is to stimulate each other on a creative level. It's a great way to stretch your self creatively and technically, make to new portfolio work, get your name out on the internet and get to know other photographers.

Every person is unique, every person has his/her own vision and take on things. It’s always great to see what others make of the same assignment.

How to play

Read all the in and outs on the how to play page.